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Traceability for product safety and quality is becoming a necessary part of doing business. Good product tracing systems help minimize the production and distribution of unsafe or poor quality products, thereby minimizing the potential for bad publicity, liability, and recalls.

Traceability system ensures the unique dyadic relationship identity-file and provides the data for the two main types of traceability:

Forward (Downstream) Traceability

Starting from a given batch of table olives (lot) we can identify all the products made from it, and the recipients or from a lot of packaging materials auxiliaries to find all the products in which these materials.


Backward (Upstream) Traceability

knowing the batch of the final product (lot) we can trace the raw materials used, packaging materials and auxiliary materials and production conditions.

By ensuring the traceability system production is normalised, all stages of production are programmed and controlled and all data recorded.

The traceability system applied by our company is based on the standard ISO 22005:2007.

The results of quality checks are conducted at every stage of processing of the olives, and is inextricably linked to the identity of the batch of sample used for testing.


January 2022

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