In the centre of one of the most important oil-producing regions of Greece, Amaltheia AE made her first steps, using one of the most ancient and useful products of greek land, olive.

The story begins in 1966 in the form of general partnership company “Athanassios ZOUKAS & Co.” by its founder Athanasios Zouka. In 1980 the partnership was converted into anonymous with the name “Amaltheia SA” and since then it continues to operate in the same place in Kefalovriso-Etoliko which now belongs to the municipality Kallikrates Messolongi.


Throughout its operation, and especially in the last few years an effort has been made to modernize and expand its facilities, with the installation of new technological equipment, organization and staffing of its productive and administrative operation, using modern standards and technologies monitoring and quality assurance of its products in order to meet the demanding requirements of modern consumers and developed foreign markets.

Under the best circumstances of hygiene and with the most modern methods, testimonied from the current procedures of quality ensurance it produces a complete series of products based on olive which basically disposes of in the overseas in a percentage of 90% of her turnover. Today, the company exports its products in 17 different countries from which USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Finland, United Kingdom, France and South Arabia are the most basic outlets.


The company throughout the course of doing business presents rising economic indicators.

Today its turnover comes up to 10.000.000 € and there are about 45 permanent employees working in the company.
5000 tones of table olives and about 200 tones of olive oil is produced and standardized.


The important experience of the company combined with the potentiality given by the high nutritional and commercial worth of olive and olive oil are very good signs which specify and guarantee the successful way of the company in the worldwide market, over time.