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Our company, since its establishment in 1980, is operating and developing, based on a main principle; the respect to tradition combined with the adoption of modern practices and infrastructure.

Our productive model stands out as we continue to use traditional recipes to produce our products, resulting in authentic and recognized culinary options. At the same time the production process is enriched with all those modern infrastructure in mechanical and building equipment as well as in human and qualified personnel and so we are able to guarantee excellent and flawless positioning of the products , even in the most demanding markets in the world but also we can the guarantee about their quality as we implement the most contemporary quality standards. Our ultimate goal is the pleasure of the consumer, his protection but also the recognition and establishment of our products.

The same reasoning governs even the administrative operation of the business. The faith in the family history of the company, the continuation of the tradition dictating respect to the product, the producer-supplier but also the customer – consumer, the worker and the environment are the main features of the Management Approach of our company. At the same time, however, technology, science and the modern perception of “doing business” find our business, as the strongest attraction. It is a conscious choice and longitudinal applied practice that a percentage of company revenues to be reinvested in the business to modernize its infrastructure on an annual basis.

Now in the second generation of business, our faith in the above business model consolidates and deepens, as the outcome proved it to be quite successful, giving an annual basis a solid growth even in times of economic crisis. Finally, as regards the future, what we can confidently promise, is that the 3rd generation of the business, which is now growing and getting ready will inherit the same principles of thinking and acting in order to undertake and continue doing business under the same philosophy and we are optimistic that they will all be worthy successors.

January 2022

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