Company’s activity in the field of olive has its origin in 1965 when its founder Athanasios Zoukas acting personally made the first step in treating, processing and marketing of olives. One the one hand due to the dynamics of the product , and on the other hand due to the hard work, method and insight of its founder, the individual company became a partnership which was named “Athanassios ZOUKAS and Co’ and made its first steps in the markets abroad. In 1981 he established the “Amaltheia SA” which dealt with the processing, packaging and export of Greek olives. Since then with the same name and with the same scope of work, which year after year modernizes and expands, the company operates in the field of Greek table olives and olive oil.


Today’s major shareholders – the company’s stakeholders are founder’s children Konstantinos Zoukas and Evangelia Zouka, who continue their father’s success with the same love for their work and respect to the product of the olive.




Finance Management
Evangelia Zouka, was born in Kefalovriso of Etoliko in 1968! After completing her secondary education she succeeded entering in the Law School of Athens from which she graduated in 1991. After completing her practice she entered the Law College and from 1993 she is a member of the Law Association in the Court (of the first instansce) of Mesologi. Despite her involvement in the field of law she especially deals with providing service in the company. She is married and she has 3 children. She speaks English and French.


Sales management

Konstantinos Zoukas was born in Kefalovriso of Etoliko in 1966 where he completed his secondary education. He studied Economics at the University of Economics in Athens and then he attended postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom, where he got a Degree Master. Then, after completing his military service, he provides his services to the company, which staffs dynamically, as general manager. He knows and speaks English and Italian language. He is married and has 2 children.